Flyer Finds Missing Luggage in Shocking Location Using Tracker

A Spirit Airlines passenger’s missing luggage was unexpectedly discovered at the residence of an airport employee in Fort Lauderdale. After being forced to check her suitcase, the passenger was informed that her belongings would be delivered to her house. However, she soon discovered that her Apple Watch was emitting a signal from another location. This led to a surprising investigation that ultimately exposed the allegedly stolen items and led to the arrest of an airport worker.

The incident unfolded when Paola Garcia, a university student, was forced to check her pink hard-shell suitcase before boarding a flight. She waited for hours before realizing that her luggage had not arrived at the designated carousel. Despite informed reassurances from the airline, Garcia took matters into her own hands the following day. In a bid to retrieve her belongings, she visited the address connected to her Apple Watch’s signal and was met with a sight of numerous suitcases strewn about the property.

Concerned for her safety but determined to recover her valuables, Garcia recorded video evidence of the scattered luggage and immediately contacted the authorities. The Broward Sheriff’s Office identified Junior Bazile, an employee of a retail company operating within the airport, as the individual seen rummaging through Garcia’s suitcase in security footage. Bazile was subsequently arrested and charged with grand theft.

While Spirit Airlines issued a reimbursement check to Garcia as a gesture of goodwill, they stated that they had no knowledge of their employees’ involvement in the theft. Paradies Lagardère, Bazile’s employer, swiftly terminated his employment and fully cooperated with law enforcement during the investigation.