Football Jock Brags About “Closed Casket” Funeral After Beating Teen to Death

SHOW LOW, Arizona – Talan Renner, a 17-year-old high school football player from Arizona, is currently facing charges for the alleged beating death of a fellow teenager at a Halloween party last year. Alongside six other defendants, Renner has pleaded not guilty and is being held on a $1 million bond in connection with the death of 16-year-old Preston Lord.

New information has surfaced, indicating that following Lord’s death, Talan Renner’s father, Travis Renner, relocated him to the family’s cabin in Show Low, around three hours away from their home. The revelation came from Travis Renner’s ex-girlfriend, who had access to his credit card history and was close to the family.

According to the ex-girlfriend, she communicated with Talan Renner via Snapchat while he was hiding at the cabin. Describing Renner as a “fighter” and an “angry kid,” she noted that a photo he shared showed his swollen jaw while walking the family dog.

The ex-girlfriend also claimed that the Renner family attorney advised them to wait for Renner’s “hands to heal” before returning to their hometown of Gilbert, implying that Renner harbors a lot of aggression and has a tendency to snap.

After observing Renner’s apparent lack of remorse in a video surveillance allegedly showing him bragging about Lord’s murder, the ex-girlfriend decided to report her findings to the police. She alleged that Renner boasted about the closed casket funeral due to the severity of Lord’s injuries.

Ashley Reynolds, a former employee at Travis Renner’s company, Relentless Media Agency, also provided insight into the situation. Reynolds claimed that Adam Kifer, the CEO and Renner’s father, discussed moving Renner to the cabin and placing blame on another boy involved in the assault. Reynolds was subsequently fired after refusing to participate in their plans.

Renner and the six other teenagers, known as the “Gilbert Goons,” were arrested for their alleged involvement in Lord’s death, which occurred during a Halloween party in Queen Creek, approximately 40 minutes east of Phoenix. Witnesses reported that as many as 15 suspects wearing ski masks attacked Lord, who later died from his injuries.

According to police documents, Renner admitted to killing Lord in a Snapchat message, remarking that he accidentally killed a kid because he was too strong. Another suspect, 17-year-old Talyn Vigil, also reportedly confessed to attacking Lord on Snapchat.

The case continues to develop as the defendants await their upcoming trial.