Former Atlanta Assistant Principal Shot and Killed

In Atlanta, Georgia, the sudden death of a former assistant principal has left a community in shock and demanding answers. Abnerd Joseph, 32, who once served as a beacon of hope and inspiration at KIPP Strive Academy and KIPP Vision Primary School, was tragically shot and killed in Chicago on September 14, where he had recently relocated.

Joseph, known for his warm smile and welcoming demeanor, had a significant impact on the Atlanta school community. His sudden death has left parents grappling with how to explain the tragedy to their children. “It’s not something they see all the time,” said Latifah Ali, a parent at KIPP Strive Academy.

After leaving Atlanta, Joseph had taken up a position as an assistant principal at a charter school in Chicago. He was residing in a high-rise building in the city when he was fatally shot following a confrontation with another man. Despite the shooter possessing a concealed carry license, he was released without charges, a decision that has left Joseph’s friends and family seeking transparency and justice.

Sheree Oats, a close friend of Joseph, expressed the community’s determination to find answers. “We’re just going to continue to push for more answers, for security footage, people have ring door cameras. I think we want and I want as his friend just to have some transparency,” she said.

Joseph’s death has left a void in the Atlanta school community, where he was remembered as a dedicated and passionate educator.

In the wake of the tragedy, the school has made grief counselors available to students and staff. A balloon release in honor of Joseph is scheduled at West End Park in Atlanta.

While the circumstances surrounding Joseph’s death remain unclear, the focus of the Atlanta school community is on remembering the profound impact he had on his students and finding ways to honor his memory. As the quest for answers continues, loved ones of Joseph have started an online fundraiser to help his family cover funeral costs.