Former MLB Pitcher Danny Serafini Arrested in Connection to In-Laws Murders

LAKE TAHOE, CA – Former Major League Baseball pitcher Danny Serafini and a woman, Samantha Scott, have been apprehended in connection with a 2021 shooting incident that claimed the life of 70-year-old Robert Gary Spohr and left 68-year-old Wendy Wood injured. The Placer County Sheriff’s Office confirmed their arrest following a two-year investigation.

On June 5, 2021, authorities responded to a 911 call from a North Lake Tahoe, California, residence. They discovered Robert Gary Spohr deceased from a gunshot wound, while Wendy Wood had sustained gunshot injuries and was subsequently taken to a hospital. Tragically, Wendy Wood passed away approximately one year later. It remains unclear if her death was a direct consequence of the injuries sustained in the 2021 shooting.

Serafini and Scott were arrested in Nevada on Friday morning. The sheriff’s office confirmed that the victims, Robert Gary Spohr and Wendy Wood, were in-laws of Serafini.

Surveillance footage from the scene depicted an individual, shrouded in a hood and wearing a face covering, carrying a backpack, and approaching the residence just hours before the homicide. Over the past two years, officials have amassed evidence linking Danny Serafini and Samantha Scott to the incident. Both suspects are currently awaiting extradition from Nevada.

Danny Serafini, aged 49, had a career in Major League Baseball, playing for six teams, including the Minnesota Twins, Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, and the Colorado Rockies. The nature of the relationship between Serafini and Samantha Scott is yet to be clarified.