Four Arrested in Connection with Disappearance of Two Mothers

Texas County, Oklahoma – Four individuals have been apprehended in Texas County, Oklahoma in connection with the unexplained disappearance of two mothers who were reported missing two weeks ago. Veronica Butler, 27, and Jilian Kelley, 39, vanished after embarking on a journey from southern Kansas to collect their children in rural Oklahoma. Authorities made a chilling discovery when they came across the abandoned vehicle near the Kansas border, prompting suspicions of foul play.

Veronica Butler and Jilian Kelley were on their way to pick up Butler’s children when they went missing on March 30. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation launched an inquiry into their disappearance, ultimately unearthing alarming evidence that strongly suggested foul play. Their abandoned car was found near Highway 95 and Road L in Texas County, Oklahoma.

In a significant breakthrough, authorities in Texas County have arrested four individuals believed to be involved in the case. Tad Bert Cullum, Tifany Machel Adams, Cole Earl Twombly, and Cora Twombly are all facing multiple charges, including murder and kidnapping. These arrests mark a crucial turning point in the investigation.

The startling discovery of the abandoned vehicle adds weight to the suspicion of foul play. NewsNation, citing undisclosed sources, reported that the car was discovered approximately 1,000 feet off the road, with traces of blood inside and outside the vehicle. The outlet further revealed that Butler and Kelley are believed to have been shot.

Reports indicate a possible motive for this grim incident. Adams, who is Butler’s children’s paternal grandmother, and Cullum, her boyfriend, have been implicated in the crime. The father of Butler’s children was engaged in a custody dispute with her, with Butler petitioning for increased visitation rights.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities are continuing their search for Butler and Kelley. The OSBI is diligently appealing to the public for any information that may shed light on the case.