Four Infants’ Bodies Found in Freezer – No Charges for Mom

Boston, Massachusetts – After a thorough investigation, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office has announced that no charges will be filed in the case involving the discovery of four infants’ bodies in a freezer in a Boston home. The chilling incident, which took place over two years ago, left investigators perplexed due to the lack of evidence surrounding the babies’ deaths.

The grisly discovery occurred on November 17, 2022, when police responded to a residence on East Broadway in South Boston following a report of a “possible baby located inside a freezer.” Authorities were stunned to find not just one deceased infant, but four. Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden revealed that all four infants were fully developed, with their umbilical cords and placentas still attached. However, the exact cause and manner of their deaths remain unknown, as the babies displayed no signs of trauma or injuries.

DNA testing confirmed that the infants were siblings, but investigators could not definitively determine if they were stillborn or born alive. The owner of the apartment where the bodies were discovered, 69-year-old Alexis Aldamir, is the biological mother of the four babies, according to Hayden. Co-workers described Aldamir as a hardworking individual, but no one ever mentioned her being pregnant.

Further DNA analysis revealed that the father of the deceased infants had passed away in 2011. Authorities discovered that Aldamir had five children with the same man, but only one child was kept, while the others were given up for adoption. Despite the complex investigation, prosecutors have concluded that they cannot bring this case to trial due to the inability to prove the babies were born alive and the lack of a cause of death.

Hayden acknowledged the perplexity of the case, stating that while some answers have been obtained, many aspects may never be fully resolved. The district attorney’s office concluded that ethically they cannot proceed with a case that cannot be brought to trial, leading to the decision not to pursue criminal charges.

The tragic discovery of the four infants in the freezer has left investigators and the public with lingering questions about the circumstances surrounding their deaths. The lack of evidence and unanswered queries have brought an end to the investigation without holding anyone accountable for this disturbing incident.