Missing Pregnant Teen Found Dead

BARNWELL COUNTY, S.C. – The lifeless body of a pregnant teenager reported missing earlier this month has been found in Barnwell County, South Carolina. Seventeen-year-old Maylashia Hogg, nine months pregnant and eagerly anticipating the arrival of her daughter, was discovered on Sunday afternoon less than a half-mile away from her residence. The tragic discovery has left her family devastated and demanding justice for the young victim.

Hogg, a student at Barnwell High School, had named her unborn daughter London Charity after her late mother who passed away eighteen months ago. Her family described her as excited about motherhood and committed to pursuing a nursing career after completing her education.

The teenager was officially reported missing by her aunt on February 8. Concerns grew among her loved ones when Hogg failed to attend a scheduled induction appointment on February 13. Frustrated by the lack of attention from local authorities, the family enlisted the help of Kimberly Kite, an investigative researcher affiliated with the Broken Link Foundation. The foundation supports families in finding missing individuals.

Kite emphasized the importance of paying heed to families reporting missing loved ones. “When a family reports a loved one missing, police have got to listen to the family,” she stated during an interview with local news outlet WACH Fox 57. As the investigation progresses, the family continues to search for answers, hoping that whoever is responsible for Hogg’s death will be brought to justice.

A memorial service was held on Monday to honor Hogg and her unborn child at the location where her body was discovered. An autopsy is scheduled to determine the cause of death. At this stage of the investigation, no suspects have been identified.

The tragic loss of Maylashia Hogg, along with her unborn daughter, has sent shockwaves through the community. As authorities work to piece together the details surrounding her death, the family remains determined to find closure and justice in their search for the truth.