Goats Take Over Atlanta Neighbor in Wild Escape

(TheDailyHorn.com) – Goats are often used to help farmers, land developers, and businesses eat overgrown vegetation or invasive plants, thereby clearing land. They are a great alternative to dangerous pesticides and loud machinery. However, they might have been an unwanted nuisance for one Atlanta neighborhood.

In Atlanta’s Tony Buckhead community, an entire herd of goats got loose from their enclosure. A company apparently brought them in to clear unsightly and unwelcome weeds near a Kroger supermarket outlet. Members of the public noticed them grazing outside a furniture store along a busy road, posing a potential risk to motorists as well as the goats themselves.

Fortunately, no one was hurt. Once the public notified the police, goat handlers safely removed the animals from the area.

There’s no doubt that good fences make good neighbors. Goats are prone to wandering for food and have a knack for escaping their confinements. While they will the grass and weeds you may not want, they will also happily consume things you want to remain untouched. Goats can destroy fruit trees and vegetable plants in no time at all. So, with the good comes the not-so-good. They are living creatures, after all.

The next time you see a baby goat and decide you might want one, remember; they can be destructive if you don’t keep them under control.

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