Gruesome Discovery: Body Found Inside an Exposed Barrel at a Las Vegas Lake

A gruesome discovery was found in Lake Mead, as if in a scene from a mafia movie, when the gangsters are in Las Vegas and stick a body into a barrel and dispose of it.

Water levels have been dropping so much along the Colorado River, which feeds Lake Mead, that the lake has experienced extremely low levels of water over the recent years, impacting the entire region as most of the Southwest and California depend on this water for their very existence and the Hoover Dam is what keeps the lights on in Vegas.

As the water levels have dropped to historically low levels, visitors in Lake Mead made a horrific discovery of an exposed barrel with a body in it that is reported to be from the 1980s.  According to reports, identification has not yet been made, and the barrel was likely dropped hundreds of yards offshore, and as a result of the receding lake, the barrel ended up on the shoreline.


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