Gunmen Make ‘Swiss Cheese’ of Home, Kill 4-Year-Old

A Texas family was left devastated after a targeted attack on their townhome resulted in the death of a 4-year-old girl and injuries to her parents and two brothers, aged 7 and 8. The assailants, two gunmen, are currently being pursued by law enforcement. The incident, which took place on Wednesday evening near San Antonio, was captured on a neighbor’s surveillance camera.

The grandmother of the deceased child, April Luna, was present in the townhome during the attack. She expressed her grief and disbelief to a local news station, KSAT. Luna also mentioned that a 3-year-old was in the house at the time of the shooting but was not physically harmed. She described the horrifying scene she encountered after the gunfire ceased, finding her granddaughter shot in the face.

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, in a press conference, stated that a significant portion of his department was dedicated to tracking down the perpetrators. He expressed his determination to charge the culprits with capital murder. The sheriff’s office received a distress call around 8 p.m. from the 6700 block of Windsor Hollow Drive.

Upon arrival, deputies found a chaotic scene with a neighbor, a nursing assistant, attempting to revive the little girl. The first deputy on the scene, a licensed paramedic, provided immediate medical assistance until emergency medical services arrived. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, the child succumbed to her injuries.

Sheriff Salazar released surveillance footage at the press conference, showing a gray Infiniti Q50 arriving at the scene and two masked individuals, armed with short-barreled rifles known as Dracos, firing at the house from different angles. The shooters were described as possibly white or Hispanic males, one wearing a gray hoodie, black pants, and red shoes, and the other in black athletic attire and possibly white or gray shoes.

The scene was littered with around 30 rounds, and the front of the townhome was riddled with bullet holes. Sheriff Salazar described the damage as akin to Swiss cheese. He noted that the bullet holes were not round but longer and more slender, indicating that the bullets were tumbling when fired due to the short barrel of the weapon, causing devastating wounds.

The sheriff emphasized that the shooters intended to kill, as evidenced by their decision to approach the house and fire multiple rounds. A GoFundMe page has been set up by the family’s aunt to assist with expenses.