Heartbreaking: Father Dies Helping Son Move into Dorm

A tragic incident unfolded at Arkansas State University over the weekend when a father collapsed and later died after assisting his son with moving into his dormitory. The university police were alerted around 10 a.m. on Saturday about a man who was unresponsive in the 2500 block of Danne Avenue on campus.

Upon arrival, the officers discovered 45-year-old Jeremy Tillman lying on the ground. Despite several attempts at CPR, Tillman’s condition did not improve. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

The university expressed its condolences in a statement, extending its deepest sympathies to Tillman’s son, Jace, who is a student at the institution. The university pledged to continue supporting Jace and to keep his family in their thoughts and prayers during this challenging period.

Elizabeth Goodson, Tillman’s fiancé, suggested to local media that Tillman might have overexerted himself during the move. She recounted the moment when Tillman entered the door, visibly distressed, and then experienced a sudden medical event while they were moving items in. The couple, who had a blended family of 11 children, had gotten engaged just two months prior to the tragic incident.

First responders who attended to Tillman reported that he was not breathing and had foam coming out of his mouth when they found him. He was later pronounced dead at St. Bernard Hospital in Jonesboro.

Goodson remembered Tillman as a man of high integrity who was a father figure not only to his biological children but also to her six children. She praised him for his selflessness and hard work, often putting the needs of others before his own.

The university reiterated its condolences to the Tillman family, emphasizing its commitment to support Jace and his family during this difficult time.