Hiker Found Dead on Arizona Trail

On July 6th, a desperate search ensued in the Sedona mountains of Arizona as Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office (YSCO) launched a rescue mission to locate a missing 38-year-old man.

The original alert was raised when the hiker failed to show up for work. After authorities talked with his roommate, they were able to trace his cell phone to an area near his vehicle in the Bell Rock parking lot.

Without contact for hours, YSCO called for help from specialists such as the Back Country Search and Rescue Search Dog Unit and Verde Search and Rescue. However, the night sealed their fate, and the mission was resumed by daylight with increased forces the next day.

When these teams arrived, they immediately hiked to the summit to find the man slipped and fallen in a crevice. There were no signs of malicious intent, and his identity has remained unidentified.

Officials stated that the area the hiker was in “was extremely technical and it appears the victim slipped and fell to his death.”

Unfortunately, despite a tragic ending, this costly search stood as a warning of the dangers involved in remote hikes. YSCO stresses the importance of vigilance, being aware of the risks, and letting someone know prior to the trip and when one plans to return. Anyone with any facts about the incident is urged to contact YSCO.