Homecoming Queen Nominee Dies After Collapsing on Football Field

A tragic incident unfolded at an Ohio high school on Friday when a senior student, who was a nominee for homecoming queen, suddenly collapsed and died during the pre-game homecoming celebrations. Breanne “Bre” McKean, a senior at Mapleton High School, fell on the field before the start of a football game.

The Mapleton Local School District confirmed the heartbreaking news of McKean’s death, which was due to a medical emergency. Superintendent Scott Smith expressed his condolences to the McKean family and the Mapleton community, stating that their thoughts and prayers were with them during this difficult time.

McKean was one of three students nominated for Senior Queen at this year’s homecoming festivities. She was an active participant in school sports, playing as a middle hitter for the Mapleton volleyball team this season. Additionally, she was a member of the girls’ high school basketball team for her first three years.

Despite the tragic incident, the homecoming football game against South Central High School continued until half time. It was then that officials decided to suspend the game. Mapleton football coach Matt Stafford explained that he and the referee decided to inform the students immediately, as they believed the news would inevitably reach them through other channels.

Stafford emphasized the importance of unity and support during such times, urging students to come together as a family, a football family, a community, and a district to console and support each other.

In the aftermath of the incident, the school district made staff and grief counselors available to students. Superintendent Smith expressed gratitude to the South Central community, administration, coaches, players, and fans for their compassion and support. He also thanked the Mapleton community and surrounding school districts for their continued encouragement and prayers.

In respect to the tragic event, the homecoming dance scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 30 was canceled, and all Mapleton athletic events were postponed until Wednesday.