Horrific Dog Attack Kills Man and Injures Woman

A tragic incident in San Antonio, Texas, has once again reminded the public of the importance of responsible pet ownership.

On Friday, February 24th, 2023, two dogs attacked and mauled an approximately 80-year-old man and a woman visiting the area.

San Antonio Police reported the tragic event after the elderly man and a 74-year-old woman arrived in the neighborhood to visit friends. The horror began to unfold as soon as they exited their car, and the dogs began their attack.

The man, unfortunately, died due to his injuries, while the woman remains in critical condition.

Emergency response crews used pickaxes and pipe poles to fight off the animals when they arrived. It was reported that a fire captain was also hurt and received medical attention and that a third individual was also bitten and taken to the local hospital.

San Antonio Fire Department Chief Charles Hood commended their bravery and called the action of the first responders “heroic.”

The American Staffordshire terriers involved in the attack have since been taken into Animal Care Services custody and placed in quarantine kennels until the investigation is complete.

Alarmingly, the dogs were involved in a prior incident in 2021 that attracted attention from animal services. Despite mild bites from the dogs, which were ultimately returned to their owner, who paid reclaim fees, the local authority eventually dismissed the case due to an affidavit not being filed correctly.

Neighbors had also called the animal shelter in the past to report animals at the property.

Christian Moreno, 31, the proprietor of the dogs, was taken into custody and is facing felony charges of attack by a dangerous dog causing death and injury to an elderly person, as per police reports.

Authorities encourage pet owners to be mindful of the importance of responsible pet ownership. This includes appropriately training and restraining your pet and understanding any potential risks of owning a pet. Pet owners must also ensure their pet follows local laws and regulations regarding pet ownership. Taking these precautions can ultimately save lives and prevent similar tragedies from occurring.