How Much Do You Know About COVID Reinfection?

How many times can you get COVID? What experts know about reinfection – New York Post

Doctors have recently confirmed that those infected with an earlier Omicron variant can indeed test positive again for the new sub-variant.

Waves of new variants and “stealth” sub-variants are on the rise, and seasonal vaccine boosters are becoming available to match these changes.

People who get COVID-19 are at risk of becoming severely ill if they pass the virus to someone who has a weakened immune system due to age, medications, preexisting illness, or other clinical factors, such as poor physical fitness.

Omicron has rapidly evolved into several sub-types, prompting simultaneous localized outbreaks. There is no telling how many positive cases of COVID-19 go unreported, and it is too soon to say whether SARS-CoV-2 will fade into coronavirus obscurity.

For mild to moderate cases, people who test positive for COVID can expect their infection to clear within five to 10 days. However, the immune system can fend off COVID reinfection for three to five months after the previous bout.

Experts don’t know how long COVID-specific antibodies linger. The presence of antibodies doesn’t guarantee immunity.

The immune system’s B cells create COVID-specific antibodies that help the body fight the virus on sight. Still, waning antibodies don’t mean we’re totally defenseless, as some B cells will remember the steps it previously took to create COVID antibodies during re-invasion.

Vaccines remain the best way to build antibodies against COVID-19 illness, but allowing oneself to become infected can also give rise to antibodies.

Patients who got their first COVID-19 vaccine over a year ago should get a second round six weeks later. However, doctors expect that annually redesigned boosters against COVID-19 could become the norm.

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