Husband Slits Wife’s Throat at Ice Cream Parlor

On Thursday morning of July 13th, a devastating event marred the seemingly quiet town of Soap Lake, Washington.

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office responded to an emergency call at Tutti Frutti Bar ice cream shop and found a woman with her neck slashed. It is alleged that the woman’s husband, Samuel Montoya, had slit the woman’s neck with a knife.

Authorities noted in a statement, “police found a woman on the front sidewalk bleeding from the front of her neck and bystanders giving first aid.”

The woman was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital for medical assistance and was thankfully reported to be in stable condition afterward.

Samuel Montoya Arroyo was subsequently apprehended by the Sheriff’s Office, being charged with first-degree attempted murder.

This disturbing incident showcases the grim reality of domestic violence that unfortunately plagues the nation. Research from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence reveals that a distressing one in three women and one in four men have experienced physical violence at the hands of an intimate partner at some point in their lives.

It is important to remember that those enduring domestic violence have access to various resources, including hotlines, shelters, and counselors. Moreover, justice needs to be served in that perpetrators should be held responsible for their vicious actions.