Justin Bieber’s Sister-in-Law Arrested

Savannah, Ga. – Alaia Baldwin Aronow, sister of Hailey Bieber and daughter of Stephen Baldwin, has been charged with assault and battery after a physical altercation at a bar in Savannah. Aronow, a model and influencer, was taken into custody following the incident, which occurred at Club Elan on Feb. 24.

According to a police report, security footage revealed Aronow forcibly entering an employee bathroom at Club Elan. Bouncers and a bartender confronted her, informing her that she was not allowed access and should instead utilize the public restroom. The report claims that Aronow escalated the situation, resulting in a physical altercation. One bouncer alleged that she even yanked his hair, while another claimed she kicked him in the genitals.

Additional details from the police report mentioned that Aronow had approached the bartender, stating her need to use the bathroom to vomit and change her tampon. The bartender granted her permission for a few minutes, but upon her return, Aronow allegedly threw a tampon at her in a fit of anger. As a result of the incident, she was promptly removed from the premises.

In a surprising turn of events, Aronow contacted the police herself, claiming she was forcibly removed from the club. During the subsequent conversation with law enforcement, she initially denied throwing the tampon. However, after some deliberation, Aronow admitted to the act.

Apart from the charges of simple assault and simple battery, Aronow also faces charges of battery and criminal trespassing.