Kidnapped American Dumped in Mexican Jungle, Bound and Left for Dead

MEXICO CITY, Mexico – A daring rescue mission was launched by the Mexican military and the Mexican National Guard to save a New York man who had been abducted and held for ransom. Joseph Constantine Buonincontri, a 35-year-old residing in Mexico, was found alive but bound in a straw hut deep in the jungle of Limones, located approximately 200 miles southwest of Cancun. Authorities recovered a backpack containing marijuana, a tactical vest, and loaded magazines for an AR-15. The kidnappers, who remain unidentified and at large, demanded a hefty $200,000 ransom.

Acting on a tip from locals, who noticed armed men driving a taxi from the popular tourist destination Tulum into the secluded wilderness, the rescue operation was swiftly initiated. A video of the rescue, published on, captured the moment the authorities discovered Buonincontri. The soldier in the video twice confirmed his safety and inquired about his hunger and thirst.

Buonincontri, in turn, requested a cigarette and pleaded to have the tape removed from his eyes. The soldier reassured him that agents from the Public Prosecutors Office and the Attorney General’s Office were en route to assist. The soldier introduced himself as part of the Mexican Army’s 7th Motorized Cavalry Regiment, emphasizing their mission to provide aid. Buonincontri, originally from New York, mentioned that he was visiting a family member in Limones but was unable to remember the exact details of the abduction.

The FiscalĂ­a General del Estado de Quintana Roo, the local prosecutor’s office, expressed their gratitude to the Mexican Army, National Guard, and local police for their efforts in safely rescuing Buonincontri. As the investigation intensifies, authorities are actively searching for the kidnappers responsible for this harrowing ordeal.

The targeting of American tourists by Mexican kidnappers is a concerning trend that experts say lacks any moral restraint. Incidents such as these serve as a stark reminder of the dangers that tourists, both international and domestic, may face while visiting popular resort areas in Mexico. The Mexican government and law enforcement agencies continue to work tirelessly to combat such criminal activities and ensure the safety of visitors to the country.