Kidnapped Texas Teen Rescued in California Using “Help Me” Sign

An innocent thirteen-year-old child was rescued after she cried for help in Long Beach, California. According to federal prosecutors, suspect Steven Robert Sablan, age 61, had been allegedly victimizing the child for a few days prior.

Sablan had first approached the girl in San Antonio while she was walking on the 6th of July in his gray Nissan Sentra. He pointed a gun at her and commanded her to enter the car. After asking her her age, Sablan claimed she’d have to do something for him first.

The victim was subjected to multiple sexual assaults along the long drive toward California. On the 9th, Sablan pulled over at a laundromat in Long Beach. Touch Vong, a worker at the scene, stated that she felt something was wrong, remarking on Sablan’s “scared” eyes.

The child finally mustered the courage to scrawl “Help Me” onto a scrap of paper and showed it to a passing pedestrian. Someone contacted the police, and Sablan was arrested soon after. Officers discovered a black BB gun and handcuffs inside the car.

Long Beach Police Chief, Wally Hebeish, released a statement commending the community members for reporting the foul atrocity by dialing 911.

This heart-wrenching case speaks to the daily trepidation and terror that children face in our society. It is vital to pay attention, be aware of potential dangers, and instill confidence in kids to yell for help if they are in any peril.