LA Model Found Bound and Gagged in Refrigerator, Autopsy Details Grisly Murder

Los Angeles, California – In a harrowing incident in Downtown Los Angeles, model Maleesa Mooney, 31, was found deceased under gruesome circumstances in her apartment. The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed her death as a homicide, detailing extensive blunt force injuries and the presence of drugs in her system. Discovered on September 12 following a welfare check, Mooney’s lifeless body was found in her refrigerator, bound and gagged.

The autopsy report outlined multiple injuries to Mooney’s face, head, back, and upper left arm. Toxicology results showed benzoylecgonine, a cocaine metabolite, and traces of cocaethylene and ethanol, indicating drug and alcohol use. Adding to the tragedy, Mooney’s sister confirmed that she was two months pregnant, a dream Mooney cherished.

The specifics of Mooney’s final moments remain unclear, but evidence suggests a violent encounter prior to her death. The nature of the injuries, while not immediately life-threatening, point to a struggle. Authorities also noted indications of strangulation. This incident has significantly raised safety concerns among residents of her upscale apartment building.

Mooney’s sister, Jourdin Pauline, also a model, shared insights into Mooney’s life and aspirations. Disturbingly, following Mooney’s death, an alert from her iCloud account indicated that someone had attempted to use her electronic devices, raising suspicions about the perpetrator’s attempts to sell her belongings.

This case emerges amidst the backdrop of another model’s death in the same Downtown LA area. Nichole “Nikki” Coats was found dead in her apartment only days before Mooney’s body was discovered. Coats’ autopsy report, however, indicated an accidental overdose of cocaine and alcohol, with no apparent connection to Mooney’s homicide.

The Los Angeles Police Department continues their investigation into Mooney’s death. The community, still reeling from the shocking discovery, awaits answers as authorities delve deeper into this complex and tragic case.