Man Allegedly Hits Missing Woman with Car While She was Talking to 911 then Hides Her Body

SOUTH CAROLINA – A South Carolina man already in jail for the suspected death of his missing ex-girlfriend has now been charged with murder, according to court records.

The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office initially arrested Daniel Gabriel Harmon on December 4th for second-degree domestic violence. Investigators later added a kidnapping charge on December 6th. The victim, Jamilla “Milla” Shanae Smith, had been reported missing by family members on December 2nd. The Sheriff’s Office stated that Harmon and Smith had a history of domestic violence and that Harmon had mental health issues and made threats of self-harm.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by local affiliate WJBF, detectives believe that Harmon killed Smith on December 2nd outside her home. Smith called 911 to report that her ex-boyfriend had broken into her house and was following her. During the call, dispatchers heard Smith screaming and a man telling her to get into the car so he could take her to the emergency room. Smith refused and mentioned being run over before the line went dead. Deputies later found a shoe print on Smith’s door and received a tip that Harmon had rented a car matching the description of the vehicle involved in the incident.

Police tracked the car to a residence where Harmon was found and taken into custody. Blood was discovered in the trunk of the vehicle, and a sample was sent for analysis. However, the results have been redacted from the affidavit, leaving Smith’s remains still undiscovered. Family and friends of Smith continue their search for closure.

Harmon, who has a history of domestic violence, assault, and battery charges, remains in the Aiken County Jail without bond. He is scheduled to appear in court on February 23rd.

The ultimate goal of law enforcement is to locate Smith and find justice for her and her loved ones, said Aiken Sheriff’s Office Capt. Eric Abdullah.