Man Arrested After Chick-fil-A Coffee-Induced Wild Road Rage Incident

PALM COAST, Florida – A man in Palm Coast, Florida, has been arrested following a heated road rage incident that began with a thrown cup of coffee at a local Chick-fil-A, according to authorities. Donavan Robert Matthews, 36, is facing charges of aggravated battery, assault, battery, and criminal mischief. The incident, which escalated into a vehicular pursuit and physical altercation, was reportedly captured in photographs taken by a bystander.

The altercation took place on Saturday morning when Matthews allegedly got into an argument with a couple at a Chick-fil-A on Palm Coast Parkway. Following the argument, one of the individuals reportedly threw a cup of cold coffee at Matthews and his vehicle before leaving the scene. Matthews then pursued the couple in his SUV, eventually ramming their white pickup truck near a Walgreens.

After both parties exited their vehicles, the argument continued, leading to physical violence. Matthews allegedly threw a punch at the woman, but the other man intervened and took the blow instead. The two men then ended up on the ground, with Matthews repeatedly striking the man who defended the woman. Witnesses were shocked by the intense and rapid escalation of the situation.

During the altercation, the woman reportedly brandished an unloaded rifle out of fear, in an attempt to stop Matthews from fighting further. The sheriff’s office stated that charges against the coffee thrower are currently pending and have been forwarded to the state attorney’s office.

Matthews was released from custody after posting a $33,000 bail. The investigation into the incident is ongoing, and authorities are reviewing the evidence, including the photos taken by the eyewitness.