Man Bites Off Big Chunk of Deputy’s Head

DeFuniak Springs, Florida – A man under the influence of multiple drugs was apprehended after a violent altercation with a sheriff’s deputy at the Vortex Springs SolFest on May 2. The deputy, whose identity has not been disclosed, was attacked by the man, identified as James Anderson, who reportedly bit a piece of the officer’s head during the incident. Anderson now faces charges of resisting arrest and aggravated battery of a law enforcement officer.

The Holmes County Sheriff’s Office revealed that Anderson was believed to have been under the influence of a dangerous cocktail of drugs, including PCP, LSD, ketamine, mushrooms, and ecstasy, at the time of the confrontation. As the situation escalated, the deputy resorted to using a Taser to subdue Anderson, after the suspect had already bitten off a chunk of the officer’s head. A distressing image of the deputy’s injury displayed a significant, open wound on the back of his skull.

In the aftermath of this shocking event, festival attendees at the Vortex Springs SolFest emphasized the need to focus on positivity. Autumn Cromer, who attended the event, expressed her thoughts, stating, “There’s always going to be positivity and there’s going to be negativity. It’s just part of how the world works and the universe works.” Cromer added that, despite the incident, the majority of attendees at the festival were supportive and loving towards one another. The Holmes County Sheriff’s Office has yet to comment on the incident.