Man Brutally Kills Wife That Spent Night Out with Friend

On Saturday, April 15, a heart-wrenching tragedy occurred in Las Vegas when 33-year-old Shiva Gummi stabbed his wife to death. According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, Gummi contacted 911 and told the dispatcher that he had wounded himself. When asked if his wife could help to quell the bleeding from his lacerations, he bluntly replied that she was dead. When police arrived at the couple’s home, they discovered a “large bloody kitchen knife” lying beside them. At the residence, Gwendoline Amsrala, 28 was pronounced dead.

Although Gummi and Amsrala had never reported domestic abuse problems, a witness said that the man was upset because his spouse was out the night before. It was found out that Gummi was also out that night and returned to their house at 11 PM, while Amsrala returned at 9 PM. It was said that the man was irritated that his companion had stayed out with her drunken friend after an evening of drinking.

Gummi was delivered to a nearby hospital in a critical state and subsequently arrested for open murder with a weapon. Amsrala had recently graduated from UNLV’s School of Medicine in 2022 and was passionate about providing for her patients. Her chief there created a GoFundMe drive to support the family. Although it is impossible to replace the immense loss of her life, her friends and family are trying to cope with their grief by remembering her fantastic sense of humor, resilience, leadership, and her beautiful smile.

The untimely death of Amsrala has distressed the Las Vegas community. The police are still examining the incident, while Gummi’s legal representative has yet to make a statement. While the pain of her loss is inevitable, her family and friends keep her wonderful memory alive as they celebrate her legacy.