Man Brutally Murders His Mother, “I just felt like killing her”

This week, a Massachusetts man was arrested and charged for the murder of his 82-year-old mother in a hotel parking lot. Daniel Uhlman, 53, was taken into custody by the Marlborough Police Department on Thursday after officers responded to a call concerning a potential homicide.

Prosecutor Steven Gilpatric stated that when Uhlman’s mother arrived at the Holiday Inn & Suites in the 200 block of Lakeside Avenue, her son asked her to park in the back lot, claiming he wanted to smoke cigarettes. Once there, Uhlman allegedly stabbed and beat his mother with a butter knife before running her over with her truck. Uhlman then asked the hotel staff to contact the police.

When questioned about the crime, Uhlman allegedly told authorities, “I just felt like killing her.” His attorney stated that Uhlman was off his anti-psychotic medication for one month at the time of the incident.

Uhlman’s criminal history includes another attack on his mom. In 2014 he was convicted for stabbing his mother multiple times with steak knives.

In response, the Holiday Inn issued a statement expressing sadness and their full cooperation with the investigation.