Man Contracts Flesh Eating Bacteria After Relative Bites Him

For Donnie Adams, a 52-year-old man from Tampa Bay, Florida, a simple bite had life-altering consequences, as reported by WFLA. In February, Adams experienced a painful, small bump on his right thigh after someone in his family bit him as he tried to stop a fight at a family gathering. Initially, Adams presumed a course of antibiotics and a tetanus shot would be enough to fend off any further damage from the bite. But he was sadly mistaken.

Three days after the bite, Adams found himself almost unable to walk and was rushed to the Florida Northside Hospital in St. Petersburg. Upon arriving at the hospital, Dr. Fritz Brink surgically cut into the bite. Out poured an alarming gray ooze, and Adams’ leg tissue was found to be riddled with necrotizing fasciitis, a severe and often fatal bacterial infection.

Dr. Brink noted that though it is uncommon to contract an infection from a bite, the bacteria in the mouth can create optimal conditions for the germs to grow. What makes this case even more shocking is that Dr. Brink mentioned Adam’s condition would have been even worse if he had waited only one more day for medical help. He could have lost his leg altogether or developed sepsis, a more dangerous infection that can be fatal.

Adams was in the hospital for three weeks and endured six more months of healing and treatment before fully recovering. He attributes his return to a positive attitude, a strict diet, and a multitude of prayers. Adams is now fully content with his heavily scarred leg and blessed to be in a good place.

Given this story, the public can better understand the importance of seeking medical assistance as soon as possible after a seemingly minor injury such as a human bite. Quick action and awareness of potential bacterial infections may prevent life-threatening situations like this one.