Man Convicted of Killing Ex-Wife and Son in Front of Children

Deland, Florida – A man has been convicted for the fatal shooting of his ex-wife and her adult son in front of their young children. Prosecutors in Volusia County revealed that Michael D. Williams, 48, claimed self-defense, but evidence proved otherwise.

According to prosecutors, Williams admitted that neither victim had weapons or made verbal threats against him. The tragic incident stemmed from a dispute over electricity usage at the couple’s former residence.

The relationship between Marsha Ebanks-Williams, 48, and Williams was described as “toxic” by Chief Deputy Brian Henderson. Although married for ten years, the couple divorced in June 2022. They had agreed that Ebanks-Williams would sell the house, and profits would be split accordingly. While Williams had been allowed to stay in the home temporarily, law enforcement had been called to the residence five times during the year, highlighting the tumultuous dynamic.

Authorities stated that the couple had previously contacted the police to document their arguments, but no reports of violence or threats had been made. However, tensions escalated during a prolonged disagreement over power usage, leading to the tragic outcome. Williams justified his actions as self-defense, but his account was contradicted by post-Miranda interviews with law enforcement. The recorded emergency call revealed that when asked if he would render aid to the victims, Williams declined.

The jury’s verdict serves as a reminder of the devastating consequences that can arise from domestic disputes. The case sheds light on the importance of resolving conflicts peacefully and seeking help from authorities when needed.