Man Convicted of Murder After Luring Girl to Home with Disney Items

After an intense trial, 53-year-old Arthur Jensen of Illinois was convicted on two counts of first-degree murder, leading to a sentence of 50 years in jail.

The events began three days before the seventeen-year-old Adara Bunn was killed in 2017. Bunn first visited Jensen’s home with her mother for a garage sale.

Burn chose Disney decorations that caught her eye – particularly cups from Pocahontas. Her enthusiasm for memorabilia prompted her to return to the house the next day to seek more Disney cup sets. Jensen was packing up things with a friend and told her to return again the following day.

On the day of the tragic occurrence, Bunn returned once again, only for Jensen to assault and choke her. Loud female wails were heard by neighbors leading them to alert the police. Quinlan, one of the involved investigators, remarked, “This is one of the worst murder cases I have ever seen.”

Before her untimely death, Adara was a bright teenager aiming to become a veterinarian. She attended Milford Area Public School, which responded with a shared sense of loss for the community when informed of Bunn’s death.

The cruel killing of the aspiring young woman, Adara Bunn, has left family, friends, and the public alike distraught. While Jensen’s 50-year prison sentence is considered a small measure of justice for life taken too soon, her family, peers, and friends will never move past her absence.