Man Falls To His Death at Madison Square Garden “Tragic Accident”

On Saturday, tragedy struck Madison Square Garden after a Rangers game when Ernest Vogliano, 61, fell from the escalator railings and died.

With a 911 call of an injured person at the arena around 10:40 pm, the police found Vogliano unresponsive with head trauma, and he was later pronounced dead in Bellevue Hospital.

The city medical examiner concluded Vogliano’s death as an accident, yet his widow Lesa had questions unanswered. She resorted to hiring an attorney to investigate the incident, claiming she was kept in the dark. A rep at Madison Square Garden claimed the death had nothing to do with the ongoing state liquor investigation, describing the incident as “a tragic accident.”

Vogliano’s father, Ernest Vogliano Sr. was the longtime owner of Il Vagabondo restaurant on East 62nd Street. It was once a popular Italian eatery for celebrities such as Cindy Crawford and Tom Hanks. Ernest was a founder of Monster Productions and publisher of Aspen Aces & Eights magazine.