Man Falls to His Death in National Park

Tragedy struck when an individual met an untimely demise at the most dangerous National Park in America. On June 5th, a 33-year-old man fell over 4,000 feet from the Grand Canyon Skywalk attraction. Reports from KNAU, a public radio station, indicated that rescue teams, including rope specialists and helicopters, responded to the scene at around 9 a.m.

Unfortunately, the man was found deceased. His remains were brought to the Hualapai Nation, the operators of the Skywalk. It remains unclear if the man had fallen from the bridge or the edge of the attraction.

The sheriff’s office posted on Facebook that an investigation is in progress and provided a number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. To access the Skywalk, visitors must leave their items, such as mobile phones and backpacks, in storage, which may explain why the man was not identified immediately.

The Grand Canyon has been reported as the deadliest national park in the United States, with the most reported missing individuals, deaths, and suicides. In the time period from 2018 to February this year, at least 56 people were reported missing from the Arizona park, and six were found dead