Man Fatally Runs Over Brother Twice with Car

St. Petersburg, Florida – A shocking incident unfolded in the early hours of Monday morning, as 34-year-old Tyree Gland allegedly ran over his brother, Taiwan Gland Sr., not just once but twice. The St. Petersburg Police Department has arrested Tyree Gland, who recently served time in prison and was released in December. The motive behind this tragic act remains unknown.

The incident took place on Seventh Avenue South, near 12th Street South, where Tyree Gland reportedly mowed down his brother with his car. It is a heartbreaking circumstance as the family had just gathered to mourn the loss of Taiwan Gland Sr.’s son, who was tragically murdered earlier this month.

Tyree Gland was last seen driving a dark blue 2018 Cadillac ATS with the license plate AT21AH. After days of searching for him, police apprehended Tyree on Thursday.

Tyree Gland’s release from prison in December came after serving 15 years for a 2007 homicide. However, both of his murder convictions were overturned due to different circumstances. In one instance, a witness was found to have fabricated evidence, while in another, the appeals court deemed the jury had received incorrect instructions. Ultimately, Tyree Gland was convicted of manslaughter in 2017 and sentenced to 15 years, with credit for the seven years he already served.

Additional intrigue surrounds Tyree Gland with a tattoo referencing a detective investigating his case, which authorities interpreted as a $100,000 bounty. Moreover, in one of the trials, Taiwan Gland Sr. was accused of witness intimidation, further complicating the family’s troubled history.

In a related development, the police have arrested 32-year-old Sebastian Williams on charges of accessory after the fact to first-degree murder. Williams was a passenger in the vehicle involved in the tragic incident.

The Gland family has been struck by tragedy once again, as just weeks prior to this incident, 18-year-old Taiwan Gland Jr., the son of Taiwan Gland Sr., was shot to death.