Man is Eaten by Shark as Onlookers Watch in Horror

Thursday marks the tragic death of a 23-year-old Russian man, Vladimir Popov, at the Elysees Dream Beach Hotel in Hurghada, Egypt. Video footage of the attack shows Popov struggling in the surf after being dragged under the water by a massive shark.

Popov’s stunned and terrified girlfriend managed to swim away to safety following the chaotic incident. Onlookers attempting to help Popov could not stop the attack, and he tragically died.

The Environment Ministry of Egypt confirmed that a man was brutally attacked and killed by a tiger shark in the waters close to Hurghada. In response to the incident, a 46 mile section of the waterfront has been shut down and will remain inaccessible until Sunday.

Tiger sharks are second on the list for most likely to attack humans, following great whites, says National Geographic. What sets tiger sharks apart is that they normally don’t swim away after taking a bite. The area where the attack occurred is a popular tourist destination, and shark attacks are rare. Although this is the third attack in Hurghada in the past year, the two others claimed the lives of an Austrian and Romanian tourist.

After the attack, authorities captured the shark in question and transferred it to a laboratory for further investigation. As a result of the incident, all water-related activities within the vicinity were restricted until Sunday.

Vladimir Popov’s sudden death reminds us to be aware of our surroundings in the ocean and how vital it is to protect our sea life and oceans. It also highlights the risks of swimming in the ocean and how important it is to be mindful of our safety.