Man Kidnaps and Assault Woman He Meets on “Facebook”

A Pensacola, Florida resident was apprehended on Sunday following allegations of kidnapping, physical assault, and sexual abuse of a woman he had connected with on “Facebook.” The accused, 29-year-old Caleb Fast, is facing charges of kidnapping, battery, aggravated assault, and sexual assault.

The incident came to light when local law enforcement officers were alerted to a woman in distress outside St. John’s Episcopal Church. The woman, who required immediate medical assistance, had reportedly been held captive by Fast since the previous Thursday.

The woman, whose identity has been withheld for her protection, had met Fast on the social media platform’s dating feature. She reported that during her captivity, Fast had physically assaulted her multiple times, sexually abused her, and threatened her with a firearm to prevent her from escaping.

The woman managed to escape when Fast, reportedly intoxicated after consuming a bottle of wine, fell unconscious. She fled on foot to the nearby church, where she was able to contact the authorities.

Upon arrival, deputies noted visible injuries to the woman, including a significant injury to her right eye. They also reported that she appeared extremely distressed and anxious.

Following the woman’s account of the events, law enforcement officers obtained a warrant for Fast’s arrest. The investigation into the incident is ongoing, and further details will be released as they become available.