Man Kills Former Girlfriend for Making Fun of Him

Marcus Garvin, 33, was sentenced to 45 years in prison last week for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, 30-year-old Christie Holt. Garvin’s crime was sparked by the discovery of texts between Holt and another man in which they were making fun of the suspect for his lack of a job and prospects. In a fit of rage, Garvin woke Holt up and confronted her with the texts, and after she denied their accuracy, he stabbed her 51 times with a knife.

The shocking brutality of the attack was followed by an insane attempt to hide the evidence, as Garvin spent the next six days trying to dispose of Holt’s body. He attempted to dismember it in the bathtub using a small knife but was unsuccessful.

He also used a grocery cart and a dolly to try and move the body but was unable to fit it in either. Garvin eventually dragged Holt in a motel sheet and comforter across the parking lot to a creek but was spotted by a passing clerk who immediately called the police.

When the police arrived, they found the suspect in the bathroom of room 210 and also discovered two knives on the floor near the bathtub and a cut-off GPS tracking device which Garvin was wearing following his December 2020 arrest for battery. Surprisingly, he was only granted bail of $1,500 and released free of charge by a non-profit bail program.

Garvin initially denied any knowledge of Holt’s death when interviewed by police, but once confronted with the facts, he admitted to dragging her body from his room. He explained that he still loved her and regretted his actions but said she deserved it.

Tragically, Holt’s mother, Lisa Fox, blames the justice system for her daughter’s senseless death, citing her case as a warning of the dangers of a legal system that fails to adequately protect the public from convicted criminals.

Garvin’s case is a reminder of the importance of caution towards those on pretrial release and a demand for an improved justice system that properly evaluates the risk of danger posed by offenders.