Man Kills Mom, Leaves Brothers Dead Body on Sidewalk

On Thursday morning, the New York City Police found the body of Sheryl Myrick, the mother of a man found dead in a garbage bag on a street in Queens the day before.

The suspect Roscoe Danielson, 40, was taken into custody later that day concerning the murders of his mother and brother, Kyle Danielson.

According to reports, Myrick was discovered with stab wounds, a slit throat, and multiple gunshot wounds in an apartment on 104th Street in North Corona.

The body of Kyle Danielson had been discovered the day before in a white bag with a blanket on top, and the suspect had been seen on video dragging the body from the home. It is believed that Roscoe, who had several arrests in the past, killed his brother and mother during a disagreement. The details of the dispute are still being investigated.

Javier Membrero, a local witness, recounted to The NY Post his shock when he saw a strange sight on Wednesday. While walking to the store, he noticed a garbage bag with blood coming out of it. He decided to investigate further by tapping the bag with his foot, and upon feeling something that did not feel like garbage, he immediately called 911. He told the outlet, “When I touched it with my [foot], I thought, ‘That’s not garbage. That feels like a body.’ I called 911.”

Roscoe was found near the scene Wednesday night when police stopped him and discovered he had a gun and knife, police sources said. He was detained for questioning and was charged with multiple charges, including concealment of a human corpse, tampering with evidence, and criminal possession of stolen property.