Man Kills Wife During Her Birthday Party

On a night meant for celebration, tragedy instead entered its doors. On Monday evening, Jordan Mykol Harding, 33, reportedly shot and killed his wife, Ashley Henning, 32, amidst a dispute at her birthday party.

Lt. Col. David Lee from the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office reported that the couple had been drinking prior to the incident and had become embroiled in an argument that partygoers had attempted to de-escalate. Neighbors who accompanied the couple’s children out of the house recounted that they had heard multiple gunshots as they were leaving. Henning was subsequently seen hastily departing the house.

The Sheriff’s department was alerted to the episode at around 9:47 pm and apprehended Henning shortly afterward. The arrest citation contained alleged statements made by Henning where he expressed remorse for the harm he had caused his wife.

As a result, he has been charged with murder through the path of domestic violence and faces a punishment of up to life in prison if found guilty. There is an upcoming preliminary hearing scheduled for June 30, and Henning is presently detained at the Hardin County Detention Center.

What started as an innocuous gathering ended in horror for one family. Domestic violence is a problem that warrants attention and awareness. To anyone who is problematic with abuse or knows someone who is, reach out for assistance as there are resources available to provide assistance and support. Every person is susceptible to domestic violence regardless of background, gender, or social status.