Man Murdered and Buried in Crawl Space of Home

On April 1, a family member of Karl Beaman Junior got in touch with the Aurora Police Department (APD) in Colorado, worrying about his whereabouts. The relative had appointed a private investigator to look into Beaman’s location and had launched a Facebook page to find him.

The relative then received direct messages regarding Casie Bock, 29, and Haskel Leroy Crawford, 38, Bock’s kids’ father. The messages suggested that Crawford had murdered Beaman and concealed his corpse in Bock’s crawl space.

APD received a tip to Crime Stoppers that had almost identical facts as those relayed to Beaman’s family member, which showed that the anonymous user on Facebook was the same one who gave the Crime Stoppers tip.

The informant revealed to the police that Bock requested them to take care of her children and take them to school three months ago, and that is when the informant noticed Bock likely was under the influence of drugs. Bock allegedly informed the informant that Crawford believed Beaman was a police informant, and then an altercation occurred, causing Beaman’s death.

Beaman had an arrest warrant and an “attempt to locate” report. An APD officer spoke to a Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office investigator who investigated Beaman in February 2023. Records verified that Beaman and Crawford were charged with selling a stolen catalytic converter to another person.

On Tuesday, Bock was arrested and interviewed. Bock allegedly told the police her version of what occurred. She declared that she had recently let Crawford back into her life, and when she came back to her apartment after work, she observed Crawford inside the house with Beaman lying on the ground, having a white plastic bag on his head. Bock allegedly informed the police that Crawford said he killed Beaman to protect his family and threatened her if she didn’t assist him in moving the body.

At the end, Bock accepted that Crawford had murdered Beaman, and she admitted to aiding in moving his body. On Wednesday, the police discovered Beaman’s corpse in a “clandestine grave” in the crawl space of the Aurora condo. Bock was detained on Tuesday, and Crawford was arrested on Thursday on one count of first-degree murder.