Mass Shooting in Chicago Leaves 1 Dead and 22 Injured

Law enforcement officials are conducting an investigation following a mass shooting in Willowbrook, a southwest suburb of Chicago, which resulted in the death of one individual and left 22 others injured early Sunday morning.

The incident occurred around 12:30 a.m. during a Juneteenth celebration among teens and young adults, where a large gathering had assembled in the parking lot of Hinsdale Lake Terrace, off Honeysuckle Lane and Route 83. Before the shooting, police had been at the scene since 6 p.m.

At 12:25 a.m., officers were called away to respond to a reported fight; however, upon returning, they heard gunshots and quickly began to investigate. It is believed that an unknown number of perpetrators fired multiple rounds into the crowd. As a result, one person was pronounced dead at the scene, and 22 others were wounded. In addition, several people were hurt in the rush to flee the area. The victims are currently receiving treatment at some local hospitals.

Witnesses reported that a car drove up, and the passenger opened fire into more than 200 teens and young adults.

The ages and conditions of the victims are still unknown, and investigators have not yet identified a possible motive.

Congressman Sean Casten released a statement in response to the shooting, expressing his heartbreak and emphasizing that people should not fear gun violence when attending school, the grocery store, places of worship, or holiday celebrations. Governor JB Pritzker also released a statement expressing his condolences for those impacted by the violence.

Detectives have been interviewing victims and witnesses and examining video footage from the area, including footage recorded on attendees’ cell phones.