Michigan Man Found Dead in College Vent After Fleeing Authorities

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A tragic incident unfolded at Macomb County College when the lifeless body of Jason Thompson, a 36-year-old man, was discovered inside a ventilation shaft. Authorities pronounced him dead due to asphyxia, emphasizing that his tragic death was an accident.

Campus police stumbled upon Thompson’s remains on Sunday while investigating a peculiar odor emanating from the institution’s performing arts building. The authorities were not actively pursuing Thompson at the time he went missing on November 1, despite his existing warrants. This information was relayed by CBS, who detailed that Thompson had disclosed his intention to dodge law enforcement to his family. However, the police clarified that they were not actively searching for him.

The circumstances leading to Thompson’s tragic fate were described by Macomb College police. According to a statement released by the college, Thompson had deliberately accessed the building’s ventilation system by entering through the roof. He then proceeded to rupture various barriers and continued his journey through the HVAC system, covering substantial distances within the ductwork. Ultimately, he reached a vertical duct where he became wedged after entering headfirst, unable to extricate himself due to the narrowed section.

Authorities have concluded that Thompson’s death was accidental, ruling out foul play. The incident serves as a tragic reminder of the dangers individuals may face when making impulsive decisions, with dire consequences.