Missing Teen Found Driving with Female Body in Trunk

Missing Humble, Texas mother found dead in car trunk in Nebraska – KHOU

A Texas teenager Tyler Roenz, 17, and his mother were both reported missing. Tyler has now been identified as the driver of a vehicle involved in a police chase and then crashed in Nebraska three states away. In the trunk of the car, a deceased body of a woman was found. 

According to the sheriff’s office, the mother and son were last seen at about 11:40 a.m. on Thursday at their home in the 14700 block of Birch Arbor Court in the Fall Creek neighborhood of Humble.

A state trooper found the Mazda 3 deputies had been looking for around 3 p.m., about two and a half hours west of Omaha, traveling westbound. A high-speed chase followed. As a result of the accident, Tyler was injured.

According to sheriff Ed Gonzalez, the crash occurred near Aurora, Nebraska. The body of a deceased female has been found in the vehicle’s trunk; the identity of the deceased female is unknown at this time. It has been confirmed that the driver is Tyler Roenz, the missing teen. 

The latest information posted on Friday does not reveal the mother’s fate. However, sources told ABC 13 that the deceased woman is the 49-year-old mother, Michelle Roenz.

On Friday morning, Gonzalez also stated that their disappearance was “under suspicious circumstances” without specifying what those circumstances were.

According to ABC 13, blood was found in their home.

The teenager was charged earlier this year with attempted sexual assault. According to court records, he attacked an 18-year-old girl in his car, tore off her shirt, and kicked her in the face. 

With non-life-threatening injuries, Tyler remained hospitalized and under arrest in Nebraska, awaiting to be transferred to Texas.

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