Mom of 2 Falls to Her Death in Freak Accident

Calasca Castiglione, Italy: A tragic accident unfolded in the Italian Alps when a mother-of-two fell to her death in front of her husband and children. Margerita Lega, 41, was on a family vacation in Calasca Castiglione, located in the Anzasca Valley, when her clothing became entangled in a cable car while loading luggage onto a small telefrica machine. The sudden activation of the transportation caused her to be dragged over a cliff edge, resulting in a harrowing fall of 492 feet to her demise.

The devastating incident occurred as the family was attempting to reach a cabin on a mountain in the region. The husband and their two children, aged six and nine, witnessed the tragic event unfold and are currently receiving support as authorities investigate the incident.

To recover Ms. Lega’s body, an extensive operation involving technicians from the Piedmont Alpine and Speleological Rescue team was launched. They utilized a helicopter and rope maneuvers to traverse the rocky and uneven terrain in order to locate her. Sadly, upon reaching her, health workers could only confirm her death. The firefighters’ helicopter was then employed to transport her body.

Silvia Tipaldi, the mayor of Calasca Castiglione, expressed her condolences to the grieving family and reassured them that a thorough investigation would be conducted. She stated that the necessary paperwork for the cableway had been duly filed, and initial findings indicate that the tragedy was accidental.

In the wake of this heartbreaking incident, the local government has extended support to Ms. Lega’s shattered family. The community is reeling from the shock of the accident, eagerly awaiting the findings of the ongoing investigation.