Mother Arrested After a Shocking Video Captures Her Disturbing Actions at Local Walmart

BYRAM, Mississippi – A Mississippi woman was arrested after being witnessed walking her toddler, who was only wearing a diaper, around a local Walmart in freezing temperatures. The incident, captured on a viral video, led to the arrest of 26-year-old Kambria Gabrielle Darby on charges of child neglect.

The arrest occurred after local law enforcement received a concerned call and found Darby in the store’s parking lot. The video, recorded and shared on Facebook by a Walmart employee, showed Darby appropriately dressed for the 20-degree weather while placing her underdressed toddler into a cold shopping cart. The footage quickly gained traction online, sparking outrage and concern among viewers.

Several shoppers at the Byram, Mississippi store confronted Darby, with one man captured on video expressing his shock as Darby threw a bag of frozen vegetables at the visibly shivering child in the freezer aisle. The incident prompted a defensive response from Darby, including a vulgar rant and a brief twerking display for the camera.

When law enforcement arrived, they discovered that other shoppers had provided clothing for the child, who was still visibly cold and shaking. Another video posted by the Walmart employee showed a shopper dressing the child while Darby remained absorbed in her phone nearby.

Following her arrest, Darby was released on bond conditions set by the Hinds County Youth Court. Emergency medical services attended to the child, who was later handed over to a relative approved by Child Protection Services.

Darby took to social media after her release, defending her actions and comparing her treatment to that of Jesus. She claimed to have not seen her children since the incident and alleged that she had not enjoyed a decent meal since their removal. Despite the backlash, Darby insisted that she was a fit parent, citing pictures of meals she had cooked for her children as evidence.

In light of the video’s circulation, the Walmart employee who shared the footage, Felicia Darling, was reportedly terminated from her position.

The child neglect case involving Kambria Gabrielle Darby at a Mississippi Walmart serves as a reminder of the duty to ensure the well-being of young children, especially during harsh weather conditions. As investigations continue, this incident has ignited discussions about the need for vigilance in safeguarding children and the role of society in identifying and preventing neglect.