Mother Kills Her 3 Children During Standoff With Police

In Verdigris, near Tulsa, Oklahoma, a tragic and fatal event occurred when a police officer arrived at a residence after receiving a report of fireworks being set off. At the residence, the officer encountered Brandy McCaslin, 39 years old, who had barricaded herself inside with a firearm.

For the next 3 hours, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation tried to negotiate with McCaslin, yet no response came.

When the officers entered the home, they were met with the tragic discovery that McCaslin had killed her three children, Billy, ten months old, Bryce, six years old, and Noe, 11 years old, before taking her own life.

Chief Jack Shackelford of the Verdigris Police Department stated that the police had visited the residence multiple times before due to child welfare and domestic violence reports. As the tactical teams searched the house, it came to light that McCaslin had a history of substance abuse and mental health issues.

At the time of the incident, McCaslin had been on a supervised visit with one of her children, who had been brought to the home by a woman who was taken hostage; however, this woman and her children got to safety after the police arrived.