Mother Shoots and Kills Daughter’s Boyfriend After Challenging Her

Patricia Conlon, a 49-year-old woman from Old East Dallas, was taken into custody on Sunday following the fatal shooting of her daughter’s boyfriend, Joshua Troutte, 34. According to the arrest warrant affidavit, Conlon claimed that years of domestic abuse against her daughter led to the tragic incident.

The shooting occurred around 1:50 p.m. at a residence on Ash Lane, near Interstate 30. Upon arrival, police discovered Troutte, who later succumbed to his injuries. Conlon, her daughter, and a roommate were present at the scene when law enforcement arrived.

The affidavit reveals that Conlon’s daughter had been involved in a continuous domestic dispute with Troutte since December 2021. She had reportedly asked her mother to come to the house that day to assist her in packing and leaving due to injuries she sustained from a physical altercation with Troutte the previous day. However, no official report was made regarding this incident.

Both the daughter and the roommate told police that Conlon entered the house through a side door, visibly armed. Initially, Conlon told the police that the gun was in her purse, but later admitted to entering the house with the firearm in her hand.

The affidavit details that Conlon confronted Troutte in the bathroom, which led to a heated argument followed by gunshots. The roommate reported hearing Troutte challenging her and said, “Just shoot me.” Conlon, during her interview with detectives, stated that her intention was to keep Troutte in the bathroom until the police arrived, as he had previously left the scene before the police could arrive during past instances of abuse.

Conlon also claimed that Troutte grabbed her arm and pulled her hair before she pushed him backward, causing him to fall on the floor. She then fired multiple shots, stating she feared for her life. However, the police believe that Conlon’s intention to restrain Troutte at gunpoint provoked him, leading to the altercation and subsequent shooting. As a result, they argue that Conlon cannot claim self-defense due to her provocation and the unreasonable use of deadly force.

Conlon was arrested at the scene and charged with Troutte’s murder. As of Wednesday, it was unclear whether she had legal representation.