Motorcyclist Hospitalized After Collision Caused by Tarantula in California

Death Valley National Park, CA — An unexpected roadblock, a tarantula, triggered a traffic accident in California’s Death Valley National Park, resulting in a motorcyclist being hospitalized this Saturday.

In a bizarre twist of events, a pair of Swiss tourists abruptly stopped their rented camper van to spare the life of a spider on State Route 190. This act led to a Canadian motorcyclist colliding with the vehicle. The National Park Service reported that the arachnid in question was unharmed during the incident.

The injured motorcyclist, whose details were not disclosed, received immediate medical attention at Desert View Hospital in Pahrump, Nevada. Park officials have not released the current status of the motorcyclist’s condition.

Mike Reynolds, NPS Superintendent, arrived first at the scene and emphasized the importance of cautious driving within the park, pointing out the combination of wildlife activity and the remnants of recent flood damage as hazards.

The park, still recovering from August’s Storm Hilary, has cautioned visitors to be vigilant as tarantulas are frequently on the move during autumn, particularly males in search of mates. While tarantula bites are not fatal to humans, they are likened to the sting of a bee, park authorities note.