Mountain Lion Attacks Dog Inside Home

The owner of a home in Santa Rosa California can rest easier now that a mountain lion was tracked down and euthanized.

A mountain lion entered her home and attacked her dog.

She reported to police that she heard her dog growling and yelping, and after going to check on him, she found him being dragged by his neck out of the house.

As reported by KTVU, an outdoor video shows the shocking moment that a mountain lion dragged her dog out of her house.  He was standing over Sherman, a border collie when his owner Rebecca Kracker found her dog.

Kracker detailed the incident to the outlet, “She was bearing her teeth and hissing, and he had passed out from shock,” She added, “I thought he was dead at that point.”

Kracker said Sherman survived after she chased off the lion despite being attacked.

However, a day later, he returned. According to Kracker, she killed two of her goats this time.

She told the station, “This is not normal; there’s something wrong with this mountain lion,” she added, “She shouldn’t be walking into my house. She should have some fear.”

Last weekend, crews tracked down and killed the lion, Kracker said. But she said the experience has had an impact on her.  She said for the last week that she wouldn’t leave her house if it was dark and she also had to leave work early so that she could feed her outside animals before dark.

As for Sherman, she says that he is recovering well from the attack.

This attack comes after several other Mountain Lion attacks have been reported in California. A cougar recently attacked and killed a Chihuahua while leashed in the Hollywood Hills. Three weeks later, another Chihuahua was injured by a mountain lion in Silver Lake while on a walk.