Neighbor Lures and Murders Teen Girl Living Next Door

ARLINGTON, Indiana – After an extensive six-month search, the body of missing 17-year-old Valerie Tindall has been discovered close to her family’s home in Arlington, Indiana. Tindall’s remains were found hidden inside a homemade box on the property of her employer and neighbor, Patrick Scott. Scott has been charged with murder in connection with her death.

According to the Rush County Sheriff’s Department, the cause of Tindall’s death has yet to be determined. However, Scott confessed to police that he strangled her with a belt in his bedroom on June 7. Scott claimed that Tindall had attempted to blackmail him into buying her a new car. He described the murder as something that “just kind of happened,” insisting that they had a friendly relationship and did things together outside of work.

Investigators searched Scott’s property after they noticed orange-painted fingernails on Tindall’s body that matched the nail color in her last social media photo. They also discovered a box containing VHS tapes and unknown paperwork, believed to have been used by Scott since July.

Tindall’s mother expressed concern about the relationship between her daughter and Scott, describing him as possessive and even tracking her phone. She revealed that Tindall had told her about a lunch date with Scott on the day of her disappearance.

Scott had been a trusted neighbor to Tindall and her family. He employed her in his landscaping business and they often spent time together outside of work. Tindall’s mother said that she moved to Arlington from Indianapolis to escape violence, not realizing that her daughter would be living next door to her “predator.”

Rush County Sheriff Allan Rice stated that the investigation is ongoing, with authorities continuing to search Scott’s property for evidence. They are also appealing to the community for any information about the girl’s whereabouts on June 7, particularly if seen with an older man in Shelbyville.

The tragic case of Valerie Tindall highlights the devastating consequences of an abusive relationship. The community is left in shock and Tindall’s family is grieving the loss of a promising young life. The Rush County Sheriff’s Department urges anyone with information to come forward to assist in the ongoing investigation.