New Hampshire Nurse and Child Reportedly Kidnapped in Haiti

A New Hampshire-based nurse and her child have reportedly been abducted in Haiti, as stated by the non-profit organization she is affiliated with. Alix Dorsainvil and her child were taken on the morning of July 27, in the vicinity of El Tio Haiti’s Port au Prince campus, as per the announcement made by the faith-oriented humanitarian group.

The organization described Dorsainvil as a deeply empathetic and affectionate individual who regards Haiti as her home and its people as her extended family. She has been serving as the community nurse for the school and has been instrumental in providing relief to those in distress, driven by her love for the Haitian people and her faith in Jesus.

Dorsainvil is the community health nurse for the group and is wedded to the organization’s director, Sandro Dorsainvil. In a video on the organization’s website, she introduces herself as a nurse from New Hampshire who now resides in Haiti. She was invited by Sandro to provide nursing services to the school children, addressing a significant need they had.

The U.S. Department of State has issued a travel advisory for Haiti, urging American citizens in the country to evacuate due to the threat of kidnappings. The advisory highlighted the rampant nature of kidnappings, with U.S. citizens often falling victim. Kidnapping incidents frequently involve ransom negotiations, and U.S. citizens have been physically harmed during these incidents. Families of victims have had to pay thousands of dollars to secure the release of their loved ones.

El Roi Haiti, the non-profit organization, aims to nurture Haitian leaders who will fortify families, mend relationships, and construct healthy communities that operate in accordance with God’s design and purpose, as per the organization’s mission statement. The organization has also requested the public to avoid speculating about the situation on social media platforms to ensure the safety of Alix and her child.