New Poll Shows Fewer People Believe in Vaccine Mandates

( – Is COVID fatigue starting to set in? In the first six months of Joe Biden’s presidency, his strongest approval rating was for his handling of COVID-19. At one point, over 60% of Americans approved of how the new president was handling the pandemic. Today, the outlook is a bit different.

A recent poll released by Fox News showed that Americans’ trust in Biden is slipping on the issue. Now, only 48% approve of Biden’s COVID response to the pandemic, while 49% disapprove.

In addition, 58% of voters believe COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. However, that number dropped from 65% in September. While Democratic leaders love to talk about science in relation to vaccines, the most significant drops in vaccine trust are among Democrats and independents. Faith in the jab is down to 76% among Democrats, 49% for independents, and 45% among Republicans. In September, 56% of Americans thought Biden’s workplace vaccine mandate was a good idea. Now, that’s down to 49%.

Additionally, 38% of respondents believe the approved Pfizer vaccine is unsafe for kids five and older, while 45% consider it safe. Voters are also conflicted about school vaccine mandates, with 48% for and 46% against forcing kids to get jabbed as a condition of attending school. Yet, 55% favor teacher vaccine requirements. That’s down from 61% in September. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what is changing the minds of Americans. Is it the data found on VAERS? Personal accounts of adverse reactions? The extremely low potential for children to contract COVID, much less suffer long-term effects? Whatever the reason, the result can be clearly seen in how the Americans’ poll responses have changed in a few short months.

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