New York City Landlord Sets Fire to Building with Tenants Still Inside, Prompting Dramatic Rescue

NEW YORK CITY, NY- A landlord in New York City allegedly set a staircase on fire, trapping tenants on the second floor and leading them to throw their children from the roof to neighbors below, according to authorities. The incident, which occurred on September 26th in Brooklyn, resulted in the rescue of six children and two adults. The accused, 66-year-old Rafiqul Islam, now faces charges of attempted murder, arson, and assault.

Authorities claim that Islam became incensed when the tenants stopped paying rent and refused to vacate the premises. Video footage from the scene reportedly shows an individual wearing a mask and hood entering and exiting the building shortly before the fire broke out. After a month-long investigation, fire marshals allegedly found an incriminating image of Islam with his mask and hood lowered, confirming suspicions of his involvement.

Neighbors recounted the terrifying rescue, as the tenants were forced to throw their children from the roof to escape the engulfed building. Four of the children were caught by neighbors, while the parents were forced to jump. Firefighters entered the burning building and successfully rescued the remaining two children.

According to reports, seven individuals sustained minor injuries and were transported to a local hospital. It took approximately an hour for 60 fire and EMS personnel to bring the blaze under control. While no lives were lost in the incident, the horrifying ordeal has left the community shaken.

Prior to the fire, Islam had allegedly issued threats to disconnect gas and electricity to tenants, as well as burn the building down if his demands for rent payment were not met. Authorities have noted these previous threats as potential motives for his actions. Islam is currently in custody.